The Vintage Cruiser Camper

Travel back in time with this retro camper! This Vintage camper is sure to make heads turn as you go down the road. If you like the retro vibe of the 50’s but want the luxuries of a new camper, check these out!

Teal Vintage dinette area


I personally think these Vintage campers are so fun with a great design. They come in 4 different colors-teal, as shown above, crimson red, canary yellow, and woody. There are tons of different floor plans to choose from too. They come in a range of 17 to 23 feet in length-which is perfect for someone that is looking for a camper that is light weight and easy to tow. You can tow this with a small SUV or even a mini van! How great is that?! No big truck required! They are also attractively priced.

Woody Vintage camper


My personal favorite is the woody color, as shown in the picture above. I love the cream color with the wood grain color. All of these Vintage campers are made with vacuum bonded laminated fiber glass with an aluminum frame and a one piece laminated fiber glass roof. Even though these are made to look like you stepped back into the 50’s, they come with all the things you would find in a modern camper.

Some of the standard features and options are;

– heat and air conditioning

-LED lighting

– Stainless steel appliances

– Back up camper ready

– USB charging ports inside and out

– Electric awnings

– Bluetooth home theater stereo system

– Outside speakers


The inside of the Vintage Cruiser is just as cute as the outside. With all the luxuries of a modern camper, but a “vintage” feel, you are sure to feel at home. I just love all the details that go into these little gems. From the vintage bedding to the splashes of color through out the camper, every detail really gives the interior a warm and unique vibe.

Crimson red Interior of the Vintage camper

Canary yellow Vintage Interior

With 11 different floor plans to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits what you are looking for. One of the most popular floor plans is the 23BHS, as shown in the picture below. The one thing that really stands out to me in this floor plan is the murphy bed-I love the idea of hiding the bed and having all that extra floor space during the day! 23BHS Vintage Cruiser floor plan

If you are looking for a fun and show stopping light weight camper, these are for sure worth taking a closer look at!

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