The Many Uses For a Toy Hauler

The traditional toy hauler was initially designed with powersports enthusiasts in mind. The easy-to-clean and roomy cargo space is perfect for hauling off-road vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles to and from local nature areas, off-road parks and competitions.

However, this is not the only way that a toy hauler can be used! Even if you don’t ride powersports vehicles, you can get a great deal of enjoyment out of a toy hauler. RV World Minnesota, located in Ramsey, is your Minnesota toy hauler dealer. Read on to learn some of the less-common uses for toy haulers that you might not be aware of.

Go Antiquing or Furniture Shopping

Are you an antique hound? Love to scout out small-town antique stores and vintage shops for great finds, but hate having to find a way to transport your bulky treasures home? Use your toy hauler to get to those shops, then fill the cargo bay with everything you want to take home. You can even stay overnight in a quaint little town to fully soak up the atmosphere.

Get Work Done

Even when your toy hauler is parked at home, you can still make use of it! That extra space at the back can be converted into a mobile office from which you can get work done on your laptop. Or, if you’re a writer, you could use it as a quiet retreat from the din of the house. And if you work in landscaping or construction, it can be a real challenge to not have a place to relax or get paperwork done when you’re out on a worksite. Drive your toy hauler to work and you’ll have everything you need to take breaks and get some tasks done on the jobsite. Plus, you can haul your tools and supplies in the cargo bay!

Host Extra Guests

The cargo space in most toy haulers can double as an extra sleeping or dining space when necessary. Having an additional room can help you and your fellow campers to spread out or even create space for a guest to join you on your trip. Features like fold-out tables and beds allow the space to be used as a temporary sitting or sleeping area.

Create a Deck

Love to spend time outdoors, but want to shield yourself from sun and rain? Extend the ramp on your toy hauler and turn it into a party deck with sidewalls! You can set up some fold-out patio furniture in it and sip your iced tea while reading a book. This is one of the best-loved features of toy haulers, although not every model has a deck, so you’ll want to make sure that the model you choose does have one if you want it.

As Your Home

Looking to simplify your life and do away with rent or mortgage payments? A toy hauler can also make an excellent home! Their spacious living areas and vast amounts of storage space, along with their comfortable bedrooms and kitchens, make for an excellent home on the road. Pick a place to camp in a new city for a few weeks, stay near family for a bit or choose a new location every night if you so choose. The full-time toy hauler lifestyle can be extremely rewarding and freeing for anyone.

As you can see, toy haulers are extremely versatile RVs, so they’re not just for the powersports crowd. Come on down to our Ramsey, Minnesota, dealership today to take a look at our wide selection of new and used toy haulers for sale. RV World Minnesota proudly serves the greater Minneapolis metro area, as well as the city of Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

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