RV Tips: 5 of the Best Must Have Camping Equipment

Before you leave for the campground, there are a few essentials you don’t want to get caught without. Below, we’ll give you these RV tips from a full-time RVer on the top five must-have RV essentials to stock up on before you head out.

Sewer Hookup

Having the proper sewage hookup hose can make all the difference. You can get these at RV World MN, Walmart, or Amazon. We recommend getting a spare, just in case. You never know when something might crack or if the hose may have a manufacturer defect that causes it to fail. We always travel with two of these so that we’re never caught in a tight spot.

rv sewage hoses
Two pack of RV sewage hoses available on Amazon.


You’ll want to have a few additional hoses with you to get you hooked up at the campground. The first hose needs to be a freshwater hose that is never used for anything else. We recommend storing it in a separate container from any other hoses or camping gear other than the water filter. Do not let the hose for sewage cleanup come into contact with the fresh water hose at any time! You’ll want a second hose for cleaning your sewage hose when you’re ready to leave for home and the third hose for use around the campsite.

Water Filter

You never know who has hooked up at the site before you or how diligent they are about keeping their hoses clean and free from contamination from the black water tank. It’s always best to install a water filter at the hookup before you attach your fresh water hose. Additionally, we recommend getting a water pressure regulator to protect your RV’s pipes from high-pressure city water hookups. Set your regulator to 40psi to keep the pressure in your pipes within the expected range.

Surge Protector

The last thing you want is a power surge causing electrical problems in your RV. We got ours off of Amazon, and it was a great purchase that has kept our RV safe through many a power outage and storm. Be sure to bring an RV surge protector to use when you hook up at the campground. A couple hundred dollars ahead of time has saved us potentially thousands in repairs over the years.

50 amp RV surge protector available on Amazon.


You don’t want to risk your RV rolling or settling once you’re set up at the campground, so it’s a good idea to bring chocks to keep your wheels in place during your stay. You can use blocks of wood or rocks, but it’s easiest to haul the kind that are made for RVs.

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