RV Tips: 4 Ways to Travel with Kids

If you are planning to start 2022 with a few family camping trips and you have kids in tow, you’ll want to do everything to can to make the trip enjoyable for everyone. Check out these expert RV tips for traveling to the campground with kids. Find your dream family RV with a bunkhouse at RV World MN.

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Arrive Early

The best time to arrive at the campground when traveling with kids is before 4 PM. This gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs, set up, and get used to the new location before it’s time to make dinner or turn in for the night. Additionally, keeping your driving times short and sweet will help to keep everyone in a better mood by the time you arrive at the campground.

Go Over General Camping Rules

The first day you’re at the site or on the way to the campground, you should go over the campground rules with the kids. This includes campground regulations like quiet hours, policies on pets, and safety for campfires and wildlife. You may also want to set a strict curfew to ensure everyone is back at the campsite for meals before it gets dark.

Plan Ahead

Making a clear itinerary can help you, and the kids know what to expect during your camping trip. Try to plan activities for the kids and include some downtime. You can plan activities like hiking, visiting the playground, board games at night, setting mealtimes, and trips to the pool.

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Pick Your Site Carefully

If you’re familiar with the campground you’ll be visiting, try to pick a campsite you know is far away from bodies of water, has fairly even ground. This ensures that your kids have a safe place to play and will help you to relax during your stay. If you’re unfamiliar with the campground, you’ll want to call ahead and ask about campsites that are good for kids. It’s probably a good idea to ask for one near the playground, as well.

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