RV Tips: 4 Ways to Make You RV Feel Like Home

When you plan your travels this year, make your RV feel more like a home away from home!  These RV tips from a full-time RVing mom will help you make your RV feel like home in no time.  If you’re looking for a new RV for sale to get your family to your next destination?  We’ll help you find the perfect floorplan for your family.

Family RVing in forest

Outdoor Space

Making your outdoor space into a comfortable and welcoming environment is key to feeling at home wherever you are staying. Get an excellent outdoor rug for your stairs’ base and a high-traffic area under the awning of your RV. This rug will help keep down the dirt that gets inside the RV and give you a clean space to enjoy while you’re outside. Additionally, get a comfortable, easy-to-transport set of camping chairs that you can use instead of relying on the stone picnic tables common at campgrounds. You can even bring along a hammock!


No one likes to crawl into bed and find the sheets already damp with humidity. This was a common problem for our RV in the heat of summer. We’ve eliminated the overly humid environment by setting up two dehumidifiers in our RV’s living room and bathroom. Now, even on rainy days, our sofa and bed remain dry and cozy.



One great way to make your RV homier is by putting rugs down on the floors. I recommend having a dedicated space for shoes to be taken off right at the door and slippers for everyone. This will help eliminate mud or dirt tracked inside, and the rugs will help catch anything else. We have simple rugs that can easily be thrown into the washing machine when they get dirty.

gray slippers on rug

Wall Décor

The best thing I’ve done to make our RV feel like home is adding wall art that our family loves. We enjoy inspirational quotes and family photos, but you can easily find non-breakable vases for displaying fake flowers or drape garlands over the edges of your slides to brighten up your space.

RV Wall decor

Contact us to find the ideal RV for your family’s camping trips!  We’ll help you find a floorplan that is right for you!

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