RV Tips: 4 Christmas Decorating Tips

Are you spending your holiday at the campground this year? If so, here are some easy RV tips for making your home away from home a little cozier!  You’ll love making memories in your new CrossRoads Cameo fifth wheel from RV World MN.

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Put Up Lights

The easiest way to give your home some Christmas cheer is by stringing up some lights around the roof of your RV.  You can even outline your windows or get icicle lights to add a little more depth to the display.  It’s amazing how cheery just a few lights can make your entire campsite.

Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas

If you’re staying in a wooded campground, you can take the opportunity to bring a little nature inside.  We recommend gathering pinecones, which can be painted white and dusted with glitter for a snowy effect.  Additionally, you can find sticks and greenery to deck your tiny halls with cheer.

holly leaves and berries

Get a Pencil Tree

If you must have a tree to feel like your Christmas is complete, opt for a pencil tree or alpine tree for your RV.  You can also use mini outdoor trees if your space is especially limited.  These kinds of trees don’t take up much floorspace, so it’s easy to accommodate them in your RV.

RV Christmas 2

Get Creative with Stockings

If your RV doesn’t have a fireplace, you can still hang your stockings with glee!  Drape a pretty garland across the front of your cabinets and use the handles as hooks for the stockings.  Alternatively, you can buy command hooks and hang the stockings on the wall.

RV Christmas 7

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