RV Tips: 3 Tips for Saving on Gas

Whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a fifth wheel or travel trailer to the campground, with gas prices skyrocketing, you’re no doubt looking for any and every way to save on fuel for your vacation. Below, we have three incredible RV tips for getting better gas mileage to and from the campground to help you save on the road trip so you can have more money to use on the fun stuff. Check out these RV tips for gas mileage below.

Change the Way You Drive

Motorhomes and towable RVs both increase your fuel consumption significantly because of the size and weight of the vehicle. One of the ways you can save on fuel is by driving carefully and following a few easy tips. First, you’ll want to start and stop slower. This reduces the strain on your engine and brakes and helps your vehicle to consume less fuel along the way. Additionally, you don’t want to leave your vehicle idling whenever possible.

Keep Up with Maintenance

On both your towing vehicle and your RV, it’s important for your fuel consumption to keep up with yearly maintenance and any other general care for the engine and tires. We recommend no less than a yearly RV service to keep your RV in tip-top shape and help you to get the best mileage out of your RV. For motorhomes, make sure to clean air filters and replace the oil on time every time to prolong the life of your RV and give you better gas mileage on the road.

Maintain Tires

It’s important to check your tires before leaving home for your vacation every time. This simple step in your checklist can help you to avoid an accident on the road. Check the trends on all of your tires and the tire pressure to ensure it’s at the optional pressure. Additionally, you’ll need to replace the tires regularly to ensure you’re getting the best mileage on the road.

Get more out of your vacations when you follow these simple steps to help you save on fuel. Contact us today to schedule your RV maintenance and get ready for camping in 2022.

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