Luxury and Fun Items for your RV

Last week I wrote about the necessities you will need when you purchase a new RV. Those were items that you really need to buy to run your RV correctly. This list is the fun stuff! If you use your camper a lot, then some of these items will be a nice upgrade to have!


If you spend a lot of time in your camper, this is one of the first things I would splurge on. Nothing beats a good nights sleep. Sometimes the original mattress that comes with the RV is not very comfortable. It can be hard to find a mattress that will fit like the one that came with your camper. If you have a queen size in your camper, and you go to purchase a regular queen, it will more than likely be longer than the one you have in your RV. Always take measurements before shopping. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you can purchase a mattress topper. The memory foam ones are great, and you can cut it to the right size easily!Live & Sleep RV mattress

Live & Sleep RV Mattress from Amazon


The shower in your camper is not like the shower in your home. Depending on the size of your hot water tank, you will be limited on the length of your hot shower. And the water pressure is not the best. I recommend replacing the shower head with an Oxygenics shower head. It can make a dramatic difference in your water pressure and making your hot water last longer! It works by raising the content of the oxygen in the water, so it is self-pressurized. With this shower head, women will be able to rinse all the conditioner out of your hair and maybe even have time to shave!Oxygenics RV shower head

Oxygenics RV Shower head from Amazon


Camping is all about being in nature, right?! So who doesn’t love to lay outside and relax…maybe even take a nap? That’s why I love this hammock. It’s convenient because it all fits in this handy travel bag, so it doesn’t take up much space, and it sets up super easy!

Traveling hammock for RVTraveling hammock from Amazon


You might think this is a weird item to be on the list, but these really do help keep your food fresher for longer. RV refrigerators are not the same as your house fridge. These battery operated fans circulate the air around the entire RV fridge which keeps the whole fridge cooler and the same temperature. If you live in a hot climate, you will especially want one of these.

Camco RV Fridge Airator from Amazon


When you are traveling, and even when you get to your camping destination, I guarantee that you will lose your wi-fi at some point. Especially in lower populated areas. The We-boost 4G wi-fi booster will boost the cell signal for multiple phones. This can be a massive lifesaver if you need internet!Weboost 4G WI-FI Booster

WeBoost 4G WI-FI Booster from Amazon


Having an outdoor rug makes it feel so much homier, and it’s great to have a spot to put shoes and chairs. Plus some camping spots are muddy or don’t have much grass. It will save you from so much mud and dirt getting tracked into the camper! They dry out fast, and then you can fold it up and store it in an outside storage compartment when you are packing up.

RV Outdoor Rug From Amazon


Love these vent covers! Super easy to install on your roof over any fan opening. These will replace the standard cover that comes pre-installed on the RV. The MaxxAir covers are an excellent investment for your camper because you can leave the vents open when it is raining or when you are going down the road, allowing fresh air in at times when you otherwise wouldn’t be able too.Maxxair vent cover

MaxxAir Vent Cover from Amazon


Replace your pre-installed key lock with an RV keypad and never have to worry about bringing your keys with you again!RV Keyless lock system

RV Lock Keyless System from Amazon

Hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite accessories for your RV! Happy Camping!

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