Destination Trailers 101

The recreational vehicle market is a vast landscape with models for every family size and price point. If you’re looking for something less itinerant and more permanent, why not look into destination trailers? Destination trailers are relatively new to the RV scene, but they’ve become a popular choice with many campers who want more stability and less moving around.

RV World Minnesota here in Ramsey is your local destination trailer dealer. Below, we’ve provided you with the ultimate destination trailer guide so that you can learn what they are, how they’re different from other types of RVs and trailers and what type of person should own one.

What Is a Destination Trailer?

A destination trailer is a type of tiny home that is built on a trailer bed. It resembles a typical trailer to some extent, and it has similar features like holding tanks for water and a somewhat compact interior. This feature allows you to live off-grid if you want, using your blackwater, greywater and freshwater tanks and power supply to stay wherever you like, although most people choose to park their destination trailers in places that let them hook up to municipal power, water and sewer services. Unlike your average trailer, however, a destination trailer is designed to stay in one place for months at a time, rather than being towed from place to place every week.

How Do They Differ From RVs?

Destination trailers often have more luxurious and residential-style features since they don’t need to be as road-hardy or as lightweight as a typical RV. You’ll find features like sliding glass doors, residential-sized kitchen appliances, a kitchen island, solid-surface countertops and real hardwood cabinetry in the interior. There are generally more large glass windows on these homes, too. These trailers are not as sleek and as aerodynamic as a standard trailer, but that’s okay because they’re not designed to be driven over long distances.

Destination trailers are roomier with higher ceiling clearances and more space inside so they resemble a house more than they do a trailer, and they nearly always have slide-outs to maximize the interior space once you get where you’re going. You’ll even find models with multiple private bedrooms and even a loft for extra sleeping or storage space.

Who Should Own One?

If you prefer to stay in one place for a long time rather than driving around a lot, a destination trailer might be exactly what you’re looking for. Destination trailers are more spacious than your average travel trailer and more flexible than a park model, coming in all shapes and sizes.

Snowbirds, who stay up north in the summer and go south in the winter, may love the option of a destination trailer since they can keep it on one place year-round and visit it half the time without having to tow the trailer back and forth. And if they wish to move the trailer to a new spot, the destination trailer can be moved more easily than park models and certainly much more easily than a permanent sticks n’ bricks home could be moved!

Another group that may benefit from owning a destination trailer is retirees or people who work remotely and want a full-time place to live that could be moved if necessary. You can live in one place for a year or two, then move your destination trailer to a new location for more variety. It’s less expensive than moving houses and you’ll always have the same comfortable place to stay.

Ready to go shopping? Visit our Ramsey, MN, dealership today to take a look at our inventory of new and used destination trailers and other RVs for sale. RV World Minnesota proudly serves all of our customers in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area as well as those of you coming from nearby Coon Rapids, MN.

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