Camping Tips: 5 Easy RV Hacks

Whether you’re a veteran RVer or a newbie, these camping tips are an excellent way to improve your camping experience. Learn about these five tips for camping during the summer! If you’re looking for a fantastic new RV for your family adventures, don’t miss the new RVs for sale RV Wolf MN.

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1. Make Your Own Bug-Spray

If you hate having flies around the campground, this easy RV hack can help you to chase away those pests with two ingredients you may already have. All you need is Pinesol and water!  Combine one part Pinesol and one part water in a spray bottle and mist your outdoor furniture and the outside of your vehicle to help keep the bugs away!

2. Moisture Absorbing Packs

Your RV’s AC unit will likely do a decent job of keeping your RV cool and the humidity under control. However, you can give your AC a hand by buying some moisture-absorbing packs on Amazon and sticking them into cabinets, in the bathroom, and anywhere else where moisture might accumulate.


3. Get a Cast Iron Skillet

If you buy no other kitchen equipment for your camper, get an iron skillet. This pan is so universally helpful for making meals for your crew that it’s well worth the additional weight. You can make eggs and bacon over the fire, grill burgers, or line the skillet with cinnamon rolls and bake them in your RV’s oven. Don’t leave home without one.

4. Keep the Ants Out!

Ants are one of the pests that come to visit almost every summer. In your RV, this can be a tricky beast to defeat. However, if you can track down where the ants are getting into your RV, you can keep them from coming in by spreading baby powder over the area. The baby powder makes it difficult for the ants to breathe when they pass through the area and will kill them. Be sure to spread generous amounts wherever you think the ants may be coming in and where they are congregating.

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5. Use Microfiber Towels Instead of Terry Cloth

Terry cloth towels have become our go-to option for drying off after a day at the pool, but there are better options out there that save space, too. Find microfiber towels on Amazon that absorb as much water as terry cloth and take up much less space. These space-saving towel swaps will help you have more space in your RV.

Make the most of your time at the campground when you have the right equipment and an RV that fits your needs. Contact us today to find your next family RV.

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